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I'll admit, this one got a chuckle from me.

I'd give it 5 star but I take 0.5 star off because we waited like eight years for this and we only get 10 minutes. If you take that long to make this again without making a good excuse, it'd better be like 24 hour long video

this just goes to show that no matter what you draw if you want it to be Rennis5 quality art you gotta spend some time on it (unlike me)

see everything I make is bad because I don't try or spend effort on it so I suck

Rennis5 responds:

Just practice, took me a long time to get to a point where i was happy with how much time i spent on a drawing for the quality of the image.

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dirty sanchez best move


well it's pretty good

F1Krazy responds:

Thanks! I put in a lot of effort to polish this up.

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Awesome as fuck, dude!!!! Again, I wish these were all available for download. I don't see how anyone wouldn't like this.

I wish you'd make these downloadable man.

the barks in english are:

"Hey, hey look at, hey look at me right now!
I, am going on, an adventure by myself
And then, then I, will not stop, for nothing at all! Yeah!
And you'd better believe 'cuz I got nothin' better to dah!

What? What is that? What is that thing right there?
I, should invite him to, come with me to space
We're off! we're ready! to get to the space right now!
Come with me! My friend! let's go to freakin' space

We're! In space! And it's not a pleasant place
There's no oxygen and the meteors will hit you in the face!
Hey Watch out! There's an alien in his car!
If you hit him he will yell at us and then sue us in court!

I, think we, are so freaking screwed in here!
I've been turning at the steering wheel, but nothing seems to change!
I, I want, I want my mommy right me now!
I can see an upcomin' asteroid and our ship can't move at all!

Oh, a whoopsie, I just transformed the moon
Hey, it's too big, for my little mouth!
I think it looks, much better, much better than what I did, because, I made a giant freakin' ball!

Oh, the cops are, coming straight onto us
Hey, let's ditch this ball, for another one
Hey look, it's too big, for our little mouths!
And that's how, you know, it's not actually yours!

Hey, they're onto us, can't you go faster?
Hey, you see that thing? Let's go straight for it!
'Cuz I think, that's our Earth, and we'll be safe!
Hey friend, we made it, and in one piece!

Hey, we're back, and the moon's no longer black!
I bet so many people are mad at us for acting as we did!
I don't want, to go to big, scary jail, I've done many things in my life, but that is my first time!

I will not, not ever confess to you!
I will not ever confess for something I didn't actually do!
Hey, look at, look at my cutie doggie eyes!
And tell me who's the one who is lying to all of you guys?"

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crack open a cold one

"I'm working on a NSFW version"

Can't wait for it! Is it just gonna be the same piece but with no bathrobe or clothes at all?

Rennis5 responds:

I do have a NSFW version, I just have to redo the shading on her skin and I've been having a lot of trouble with my set-up lately, not sure if i'll be making artwork for a while, I can't really afford to fix my PC or update my equipment.

a ukulele is NOT that big but okay


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