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I try but never win

Posted by SuperPCGamer - July 22nd, 2018

First, I draw/create art, like Pixel art, sometimes drawn art, and sometimes MS Paint shit, mainly there for humour. But then, just now I ended up getting unscouted from the art portal. I really do not understand why I only get to be in the art portal for like, 3, 4, maybe 5 days. Who knows, all I know is: I was in the art portal for less than a WEEK. Then, not only that's got me bummed out, but when I make art the only people who don't absolutely hate it are my "friends" who probably don't give a flying fuck. Worst of all, I can never find someone to like collab with on here or do ANYTHING interesting with except for @DeadlyMace2, but it was merely an art trade, which is nice and all, but not all that interesting. I try to be myself on here, since that's kinda what the site's for, but when I do so, people just hate my guts.

All I have to say now is, I just wish people would see that I actually try, and that I'm not just some piece of shit who can't make anything good. And I would be making more music, since people seem to like that, but composing is hard as FUCK and I have less time to make music than I do to make some shitty pixel art. 


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Look dude, I don't know what's been going on with you these past few weeks but you just gotta understand that in these platform or any kind for that matter, there are always different kinds of people who's gonna judge you and your work. Whether it may come off as somewhat of a harsh critique or just plain stupid or a compliment, in the grand portion of how you do things it doesn't matter what they say about you. If you think you can improve upon yourself then just do what you can with what's available to you. And sometimes you're just gonna accept the fact that there are a set of standards that people follow to control the flow of content that is going in the portal. I myself question myself what the reason I've been scouted in the first place because I've doubted my own ability to create something but after speaking with the person who scouted me, he convinced me to accept the things that I create now and if I was passionate enough to create more then I will continually to do so (even though I still doubt myself to this day..) and If im not satisfied to the way I am now and that becomes apparent with my works. Then all I've got to do is to face it head on and prove them wrong by keep doing what I do and learn from the mistakes I've done. The gist of it is just do what you do now and don't take it to heart all the things people say coz who gives a damn :D .

At least YOUR art is actually good, unlike mine, in fact, I do have a reason to doubt myself, you don't. "don't take it to heart all the things people say coz who gives a damn" Well, not taking it to heart isn't exactly gonna STOP it, is it? And I know there will always be different types of people who judge my work, but I find that only one person even THOUGHT to scout me and I was only in the portal for less than a WEEK, how sad is that? If I weren't myself, I'd think "Yo, that dude's life is pretty pathetic, since Newgrounds is his life, and then he is in the portal for just a few days." The worst part is, I am myself AND I STILL THINK THAT ABOUT MYSELF! Just because some supportive people like you aren't like the other people who kinda judge my work harshly, doesn't mean you're are outnumbered by the people who DO. Thanks for those kind words that not many others say to me, but they might not help, at least not for a while.

Honestly I really don't know what to say in your situation because my attitude towards it will just end up being me not caring that much and think that just how things go. Because if you really love what you do, art or otherwise. you wouldn't let your mind wander about this type of shit. It's a waste of time and a pain to deal with so just move on to another subject and continue enjoying the stuff that we do and other things that this platform provides.

Well, I do like doing what I do, but I also always hope others do too, and no one else really does, which is a problem, because then it makes me think I suck at everything!

At least you actually got to be IN the art portal. A lot of people wait for years and never get there. Just keep practising and I'm sure in time, your art will get better and more people will wanna collab with you. Also, you actually made all that art? I thought you just recolored game sprites (which can also lead to some cool designs).

Well, what I did was I opened Pixelartmaker and google images, searched google images for a reference, and re-created it in Pixelartmaker but added some changes. Recently, the ones with a transparent background, those are just recolours though xd

@Thegamingtrickster @SuperPCGamer Oh, that's cool, dude.

"At least you actually got to be IN the art portal. A lot of people wait for years and never get there." I mean, I'd rather not have been in there at all than be in there for less than a week